Whether you're looking for a yummy snack for yourself, or a great gift for someone else, our cinnamon-roasted nuts are the perfect solution! Please see our product offerings below. All of our nuts are roasted in cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, and (in some cases) salt, using the Bavarian method with no added oil or artificial ingredients. They'll keep you coming back for more!


The original product and current best seller, our almonds are roasted in sugar and cinnamon with a splash of vanilla. They are served fresh and hot at both of our event center locations in Grand Forks. The tantalizing smell of our almonds will lead you right to us!

Sunflower Seeds

With the same delicious cinnamon and sugar recipe and an added dash of salt, our locally-sourced North Dakota sunflower seeds are a new twist on the classic Bavarian almond flavor. Try them on ice cream, salad, yogurt, or just by themselves! They won't disappoint!


An often-requested item, cinnamon-roasted cashews are a recent addition to our product offerings. We roast our cashews using a similar ingredient combination to our sunflower seed recipe to create a taste sensation that will most assuredly satisfy your salty-sweet cravings!



Our cinnamon-roasted pecans are also a fresh new offering, and are cooked with the same original recipe as our almonds. These deliciously sweet nuts go perfectly on salad, pecan pie, or straight from bag to belly! Try them out at our next event!